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Social Good Summit 2014 Recap #2030Now

This year’s conversation #2030NOW centered around one critical thought: Where do we want to be in 2030 and how can we inspire and engage the millennials of the world to stand up, use their voice, and disrupt the system to demand change. #2030NOW challenged people to deeply reflect and act upon critical issues –  such as climate change, women and girls empowerment, gender and racial equality, eradication of poverty, improving maternal and child health, and promoting peace – that are threatening to destroy the world we want to have by 2030. It was a powerful summit reminding us that as we are approaching the end of the MDGs (Millennium Development Goals) how are we going to continue to pressure our global leaders to be held accountable for and make positive change. How we going to ensure that the world in 2030 is the world we want to have.

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When More is Not Enough #RaisingGivers

In the book, Amy talks about the simple concept of generous living. To quote from the book,

“To purge the attitude of youth entitlement, we need to teach our kids to serve others. But, to teach our kids to serve others, we must first look at our attitude toward serving. If our families are to understand self-worth isn’t tied to the world’s standards (Luke 16:14c), we need to implement changes in our own lives, and quickly.”

I don’t want to reveal too much about the book because it’s a quick read that you can enjoy for yourself. It’s set up in a way that each chapter stands alone if you want to skip around. There are several resources in the book and great practical suggestions for applying the theme of each chapter in your home, your community, and the world. Amy’s writing is inspiring and funny, as she shares her honest experiences in her quest to serve others with her family.


Making Miracles for Kids During the #MiracleMarathon

So why should you support the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals? Besides the fact that the #MiracleMarathon is way more fun and convenient than running an actual marathon (holy training!), the funds that are raised during these 27 days will go a long way.

After talking with Kelly at EMHS in Bangor, I learned that while the network of hospitals is national, at 170 hospitals strong, the money stays in local communities. Many of us may recognize the hot air balloon logo – I’ve put my name on one at Rite Aid after a quick donation at the register – but not many realize that the money helps fund a good amount of equipment and other items necessary for the hospitals.

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Give Me Gratitude or Give Me Debt (via @Momastery)

Today I shall keep my perspectacles super-glued to my face and feel insanely GRATEFUL instead of LACKING and I will look at my home and my people and my body and say: THANK YOU. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. THIS IS ALL MORE THAN GOOD ENOUGH, ALL OF IT. Now. Let us turn our focus onward and outward.  There is WORK TO BE DONE and JOY TO BE HAD.

I love this post so very much!

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#IceBucketChallenge Raises Money for @WaterAid Too!

In recent weeks, we’ve seen more and more people taking the Challenge for WaterAid in a number of creative ways. We’ve also noticed an increase in donations from people citing the wasted water as a reason to donate to WaterAid in lieu of taking the Challenge.

Check out the impact the #IceBucketChallenge has had on WaterAid and view some videos of some of the more creative and sustainable approaches to the challenge on WaterAid’s blog

One Comment = One Vaccine During #Blogust

I couldn’t let August leave us without noting the campaign from Shot@Life called #Blogust. Every day during the month of August, the Shot@Life blog has shared a personal story about Happy and Healthy Firsts. For every comment or share of the Blogust posts, Walgreens will help provide a life-saving vaccine for children around the world who need them most.

It’s that easy. Read. Comment. Share. Save lives.

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Join the #MiracleMarathon to Support @CMNHospitals this September!

The Miracle Marathon is a 27-day virtual fundraising campaign in which participants run/walk (or achieve forward motion of any kind!) one mile per day at their leisure. The first 26 days are completed at your own pace—wherever and whenever you want. On Day 27, the final 1.2 miles will be started as a group at 2:27 pm EST.

Get it? It’s a marathon, plus a mile, for the kids! And it’s perfect for those of us who like the idea of completing a marathon but would rather not complete all those grueling miles at once. (Who’s with me?)

Read more about the #MiracleMarathon and how you can join my team, Maine Miracles, create your own, or just support the campaign and the kids who benefit from it