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Pioneers for Change

Pioneers for Change is a 6-month fellowship that will kick off in November with a 2-day residential in London followed by 6 months of individual, virtual executive coaching and mentoring. The highly interactive program combines the latest thinking, dynamic dialogue, and storytelling from renowned expert contributors. The small cohort of selected fellows will gain new perspective; a network of brilliant, like-minded people; tangible tools; and insight from international leaders on the forefront of their fields. In essence, Pioneers for Change will act as a catalyst for change, by inspiring and empowering those who want to do more than just write a check, to help address the greatest issues of our time.

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Shake the World with This New App from @B1G1!

Like B1G1′s work with businesses and individuals, the Shake the World app provides another way to give back by completing a simple action. When you open up the free app, you shake your phone until the glass that appears fills with water. Once it’s filled, and your kids are entertained by the sounds it makes in the process, you can share what you’ve done with the in-app share buttons that then appear. From there, you’ll need to enlist a friend to help keep the “water shaking” going. You can create a “friendship ID” and send it along via email or text. And the process keeps repeating until more people shake and provide life-saving water!


Empowering Mothers Through Baby Products from @RED and @adenandanais

Through this partnership, 10% of every (aden + anais)RED product will help support the Global Fund to fight AIDS and its critical work to reduce the number of babies born each day with HIV.  

The (aden + anais)RED Special Edition Collection features a stylish line of boutique muslin baby products in fun (RED) prints. The best part of the collection, of course, is that it allows mothers to make a smart choice for their babies while also helping mothers across the globe.

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Are you ready to find your Muchness?

You might be wondering what Muchness is all about. Muchness is “that feeling of joy, optimism, positivity and happiness.” Tova Gold found that her Muchness went on an “extended leave” after she lost her identical twin girls when she was just six months pregnant. She started Finding My Muchness as part of her healing journey. (Read Tova’s story)

Finding My Muchness is a community website that sells inspirational accessories and informational products to help women re-find joy despite grief or trauma. Community members have often gone through life-changing struggles, including baby loss, illness or divorce.

Tova found her Muchness by doing simple things like wearing colorful clothes with lots of sparkles. Muchness can be as simple as dressing up for no reason and having an impromptu photo shoot in your garden.

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A Q & A on Philanthropy and the Nonprofit Sector

Jennifer Iacovelli Barbour is the brain (and passion) behind Another Jennifer, a blog dedicated to helping entrepreneurs, bloggers, and nonprofits tell their story. With over 10 years of experience in the nonprofit space, Jennifer has witnessed the changes the nonprofit sector has gone through, giving her a unique perspective on the future of the industry. We were lucky enough to sit down with her to chat about her experience with nonprofits, as well as get her opinion on what nonprofits can do to better raise awareness and get people involved.

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What I Learned After Spending a Day with @PSIimpact

Though PSI is well known in the development world, they are not an NGO that has a lot of name recognition with the general population. With a heavy focus on family planning, they have programs targeting malaria, child survival, HIV, reproductive health and non-communicable disease. They are probably most known for their work in contraception. Condoms, in particular. One of the presentations I experienced, called “Making Condoms Cool”, included a presentation of some of the condoms and marketing materials used to get high risk youth and adults to use contraception.

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